Lynx has its own style and handling, and offers different ride sensations. It is tailor-made for demanding conditions. You will feel the difference once you ride it. Lynx snowmobiles are designed to excel in tough conditions – sometimes you would be surprised how far you have to go to push their limits. But as soon as it is done, you will experience an incredible feeling, that of being able to exceed your limits and those of the snowmobile.

BRP introduced two high-end Lynx snowmobile models to North America: the Lynx Rave, designed to improve the feeling of trail riding, and the Lynx Boondocker, built to conquer deep snow. Each of these models is aimed at experienced and passionate riders looking for a completely new and exhilarating snow experience.

Built for enthusiasts, the Nordic approach offers a very active driving style, compared to a smooth or relaxed driving. It allows you to explore the unexplored. The Lynx Rave and Boondocker models respond to this style with unique, premium features that deliver the best results, which riders need when exploring wild and tough riding conditions.

Lynx Boondocker

The Lynx Boondocker, with its precise handling, will give you full control over powerful engine response and endless performance. As for the PPS² DS + rear suspension Blade DS, they are designed for deep snow. The simple and lightweight construction, combined with a low angle, improves handling and performance like never before. The quick response time and incredible performance of the Rotax 850 E-TEC engine producing 165 horsepower are invigorating.

Lynx Rave

The Lynx Rave is everything you want when going on a sporty trail. It’s a real sport snowmobile; its features designed for the northern climate give the Rave that extra edge over other snowmobiles. With its third generation of PPS3 rear suspensions, you’ll be able to go further, longer. The new PPS3 rear suspension takes the Lynx Rave sport snowmobile ride to the next level. Better controlled weight transfer, better sensitivity to movement and more comfort. Optimal performance for sporty driving.

Would you like to see the full lineup of new Lynx snowmobiles? You can also contact us today and one of our team members will gladly help you find what you need.